Becoming a dad

12 days ago I became a dad.

Standing there in room 9 at the Royal Women's Hospital at 8.50pm on 19th October 2017, every decision I've ever made in life, every small step along the way, could all be attributed to that moment, standing there with nerves trembling through my body and into Clarissa through our tightly clasped hands, as I looked down at the safe arrival of our beautiful daughter, Imogen. A lifetime filled with a million cross-roads and alternatives, but all aligned perfectly to lead to that one miraculous moment.

It's a strange phenomenon to experience parenthood. Nothing can prepare you for the amount of excitement, joy, fear, awe, pride, relief, responsibility, and above all, love, you feel for that trembling little baby. In that instant, as Imogen took her first breath, my purpose in life lay before me - a devotion to raising her to be a strong, fearless, independent woman full of confidence, love and humility.  

I've not read any books on parenting yet, I'm sure there are many great ones and I will in time, but for now, my plan is quite simple. With Clarissa by my side, we intend to surround Imogen with love, patience and support. To provide her with boundaries and a strong moral compass, teach her compassion, create a home of curiosity and educational challenge, and above all provide her with a safe space to express herself - whoever she grows up to be and to love. All of this needs to be done in a home filled with laughter, fun, and a boatload of adventure! 

As parents who love to travel, we're already excited for her first passport and the many adventures we can take her on to see new countries and experience a wealth of cultures. 

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

Welcome to this incredible world Imogen xx